A picture is worth more than a thousand words

A picture is worth more than a thousand word
- It’s an old cliche but nothing says it better

An illustration communicates, explains, educates and conveys emotions. It helps large blocks of text to become interesting. It attracts the eye as text can never do. It saves time because it says more than a thousand words. The chances of someone wanting to read a long text increase when it’s complemented with interesting illustrations.

What is an illustration?

An illustration is a drawing that communicates something. Most often it occurs in combination with text. This is exactly where it does the most good for your business.

Illustrations are found almost everywhere: On packaging, in advertisements, in support of the written word or in textbooks and educational materials. But also in board games, computer games or on menus, user manuals and in many more places. An illustration can be used virtually anywhere when you want to convey a message.

How I work with illustrations

My illustration assignments often begin with me sitting down with the client.
I begin sketching and make an initial check with the client.

In the next step I colorize the drawing and check again with the client. Final adjustments are made and the illustration is readied for use. It is then converted into different image formats, adapted to screen sizes with different resolutions or a color profile for printed illustrations and adapted for full-color printing.

I’ve illustrated all my life

When I say that I’ve illustrated and worked with illustrations all my life, I’m not exaggerating. Both my parents are illustrators. They had a large library, projectors for transferring photographs to paper surfaces and a huge amount of art supplies. This environment made me creative and curious, and inspired me to take up the craft. I followed in their footsteps – and don’t regret it for a second.

I completed my first job as an illustrator when i was seventeen, an assignment I received on a train between Malmö and Hamburg. I got 500 crowns – and the client is still using my illustration today.