Explainer video

The film clip that educates, explains and entertains

Communications between the client and video creator can be challenging without actually seeing the imagery. And this is why I first create a storyboard for your script. Seeing how the imagery interacts with your script in a storyboard makes communications between us much easier. Don’t have a script? No problem, I can help out with that too.

My creative explainer videos have led to collaborative projects with clients all over the country. The National Agency for Education, Lund University and IKEA, to name just a few.

An explainer video can take many different forms: animation with clay figures, paper signs, drawings in the sand or stop motion. With your ambitions and my creativity, the sky is the limit. Want to make an explainer video unlike any other?

Why an explainer video?

An explainer video is an animated video that explains and educates viewers on things that can be difficult to understand – or tedious to familiarize themselves with. The advantage of a video is that it lays out your message in an interesting and entertaining way.

You probably have quite a bit of information that needs to be communicated. You may need to tell people at other companies what you are doing, inform your employees about visions for the future and notify customers of new services.

The likelihood of capturing and retaining a viewer’s interest is greater with a visually attractive medium such as an explainer video. When the information is entertaining, easy to understand and educational, the chances increase of people taking in your message.

The information about statistics, budgets, visions of the future and values previously presented in PowerPoint presentations or brochures, I can help you convey with a video. Imagine a sales visit with a potential customer and being able to say everything you want in two minutes with the help of an explainer. You don’t overlook anything, you save time, you’re remembered and you convey your professionalism.

With a polished and carefully produced video, the risk is virtually zero that you can forget to include or explain important information.

An explainer can be used during special events, conferences, meetings, sales visits and training, on the home page of your website, on social media, YouTube or even on phones.  

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IKEA explains their IKEA CENTRES.

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The Ministry of Education communicates “choice of digital tools for education”.
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