Animated storyboard de luxe

I produce animatics of the highest quality. I focus on lifelike people, atmospheric light, living animations, compelling environments and attractive exposure of your products.

The goal with my animatics is to always persuade the test audiences and make my clients happy. Being able to work fast with a production is one of my main keys to success. And fast is what you get when you’ve been working in the craft for 25 years. My ambition is to always create Sweden’s best animatics.

Full service

I provide complete productions with illustration, sound and animation. Alternatively, I can work just with the illustrations if that is what you prefer.

But what is an animatic?

An animatic is an animated storyboard in video format with sound. Using music, animation, sound effects, varying camera angles, lip syncing and voice overs, I bring your storyboard to life. An animatic is thus an illustration in video form rather than in a series of still images as with storyboards. With an animatic, you naturally get an even clearer picture of how a film will look once it’s finished.

Wella. Three hair beauty animatics for the asian market.
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Kelda “Go Soup”. An animatic with tasty fruits and vegetables.

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SK2 is one Asia’s biggest beauty brands.

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“Dacia Duster”. Car animatic with beautifaul landscapes, nature and attractive people.

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“Senseo Switch”. A simple animatic without animations but with atmosperic lighting.

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“Nivea Skin Lotion for Men”. A film for men who care about their looks.
The products have been replaced for copyright reasons.

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“Skånemejerier Bara Yoghurt”. Natural products from Skåne.

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“Allerum Ost”. Technically advanced animatic with paning through a long, three dimensional scene.