An animated message always attracts more attention

I produce animated film in all forms: Short film, explainers, advertising in SOME, game demos, corporate film, childoriented, TV-series and so on.

I put love and care into each production

Significant for my production company is that I put a lot of love and care into the images and the movement. The goal is always to make the film attractive, understandable and memorable for the viewer.

My interest in animation

Animations are exciting to create. I studied 2D animation in Vancouver in the late 1990s. At that time, we drew on paper and flipped 5 drawings at a time between our fingers to see how they moved. A lot has happened since then. These days I can animate, draw and add sound and color in a single program.

What are the benefits of animation?
Animations – meaning moving pictures in combination with sound – naturally attract viewers’ interest more effectively than static images. We’re seeing more and more animated messages around us. Screens are replacing printed matter and the new technology is creating more opportunities to communicate.

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